Dolphin Tech JTA-2 Harness Deluxe Set Inkl.Aluminium Backplatte

1 St.DELUXE Harness (Komfort orientiertes Harness mit gepolsterten Schulterbereich und verstellbaren Brustgurt. inkl.4 St.Edelstahl D-Ringe,8 St.Edelstahl Gurtstopper) 1 St.Edelstahl Schnalle 3 St. Edelstahl D-Ringe 5 St. Edelstahl Gurtstopper 1 St.Schritgurt 1 St. 0,7 kg — 3,2 mm Aluminium Backplate


Deluxe HARNESS BACKPACK JTA-2 – Aluminium steel back plate with deluxe harness and crotch strap. DELUXE HARNESS • 5cm (2″) wide, 2.5mm thick nylon webbing • Anatomic shoulder pads and waist cushions • Overall length: 320cm • Complete HB2 set include: 1 nylon connecting webbing, shoulder pads (with 4 bent D-rings (DR1) + 8 keepers (WK4), 2 waist straps with & quick-release buckles, 4 * strap keepers (WK4), 2 flat D-rings (DR2) and 1 stainless belt buckle. The deluxe harness gives the diver a more comfortable set up than the basic harness. It comes with anatomically shaped shoulder padding and in 2011, waist cushions are added to soften the burden brought on by the heavy cylinder(s). An extra set of pre-fixed chest D-rings provide additional attachment points for extra gear. BP4 – Aluminium BACK PLATE • Material: 6061 aluminium • Weight: 0.8kg (1.76lb) • Mounting hole distance: 11″(27.9cm) • Light-weight, excellent for travelling The back plate is the heart of a technical buoyancy compensator. It provides the vital connection between a diver and his scuba. Individually press-formed and all edges de-burred, DOLPHIN TECH back plates have 5cm (2″) slots for the harness and crotch strap as well as 10 perimeter holes for attaching additional equipment such as stage bottles and canister torch. There are 3 sets of tank mounting holes along the plate’s center line, giving the diving easier option to fine tune tank to torso position.