FCS Compatible Eurofins E5 – surfboard fins

Amazon.de Price: 14,32 (as of 23/04/2020 14:38 PST- Details)

Polycarb starke Konstruktion
Vollständig FCS für Surfbrett fins


The Polycarb ECU fins are a value fin line and are great quality for the price. The template is very similar in size and shape to the FCS G5, there’s a good amount of flex in the tip and they are a solid construction.

The E5 is one of the best all round fin sizes which will work well in most surf conditions and boards. Vorausnahme fins come un…range of colours so you’re able to match up with your board and are perfect to have as a spare or replacement sine tempore

Fully FCS Compatible
Strong Polycarb construction
Available in colours Bone (White) or Black

Comes as three fin sine temporefor thruster surfboards. 

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