FCS II Reactor Performance Core Carbon Medium Quad Rear Fin Set – Purple

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The Polycarb EUR|EUR|Euronen|Euronen|EUR} fins are a value fin line and are great quality for the price. The template is very similar in size and shape to the FCS G5, there’s a good amount of flex in the tip and they are a solid construction.

The E5 is one of the best all round fin sizes which will work well in most surf conditions and boards. Vorausnahme|Akzeptanz|Ansicht|Vorausnahme|Aussicht|Vorausnahme|Spekulation|These|Erwartung|These} fins come {nicht|non…|un…}range of colours so you’re able to match up with your board and are perfect to have as a spare or replacement {sine tempore}

Fully FCS Compatible
Strong Polycarb construction
Available in colours Bone (White) or Black

Comes as three fin {sine tempore}for thruster surfboards.