Finis Snorkel Dry Top Accessory, Black, one Size Price: 13,82 (as of 16/04/2020 01:02 PST- Details)

Patentiertes Design hilft, Ihren Schnorchel frei im
Wasser zu halten. Nur kompatibel mit
Swimmer’s Schnorchel & Jr


Snorkel Dry-Top – For Swimmer’s SnorkelPatented design helps keep your snorkel free of water.When submerging under the water, a small buoy inside the Dry-Top rises, effectively sealing the tube.Water is then prevented from entering, keeping your snorkel completely dry!When you surface, the buoy drops, opening the air passage for maximum airflow.For use on FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkels only.Not compatible with the „Freestyle Snorkel“ or „Learn-to-Swim Snorkel“.Note that using the Snorkel Dry Top will slightly restrict air-flow into the tube. The Dry-Top attachment is recommended for experienced users.