FCS Surfboard Fins – FCS GMB Performance Core F…

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  • Recommended Rider Weight: 75 – 90Kg (Large)
  • Side Fins
  • Height: 4.74″
  • Base: 4.41″
  • Area: 15.26″
  • Sweep: 32.9 degrees
  • Foil: Flat
  • Rear Fins
  • Height: 4.26″
  • Base: 4.10″
  • Area: 12.64″
  • Sweep: 32.4 degrees
  • Foil: 80/20

The GMB-5 Five Fin is legendary surfboard shaper Matt Biolos‘ signature fin which offers a lively combination of drive, hold and manoeuvrability to be used in a wide range of conditions, particularly good in overhead waves. With a full five fin set, you can either ride your board as a thruster, or quad depending on the conditions. The thruster will work well if you are looking for more control or in hollow waves, or choose the quad for more speed and flow.