RONIX LINKS WHEELIE Boardbag 2015 black/caffeinated

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Imagine if there was a traveling utensil that magically wasn?t categorized as a board bag at the airport because it looked like a golf bag and wasn?t considered oversized when you checked it in on the plane saving some oversized bucks? They don?t believe you that it?s a golf bag, you open it up and we even threw in a portable driving range, complete with a green mat and rubber tee box. More room for boat gas on your wake journey, and brushing up on your game at the same time – you?re welcome.Artwork inspired by our favorite golf course? Durable padded shell ? Wheelie transportation with dual end carry handles ? Shoulder strap ? 2 external and 1 internal pockets ? Zippered pockets ? A fun conversation piece when your buddy says ?I can?t believe Ronix sold out and makes golf bags? ? A chance to work on your follow thru with that new golf driver you just bought ? A chance to work on your feeble grind at the local skate park with this new wheelie delight ? A chance to make small talk with Emily when you bump into her at a pro tour and tell her you rock the same bag that she doesDimensions – 57″ Long X 18″ Wide X 9″ Tall